recover media file of vhd

Recover Media File of VHD

Suitable Way to Recover Documents and Media File of VHD

  • Effective in recovering damaged, corrupted and lost VHD files
  • Recovers data ¬†from VHD such as images, video & audio files, media files etc.
  • Dual Scan facility to fix all sorts of corruption issues from the VHD file
  • Strong search facility to examine the partitions of the virtual hard disk.
  • A fully windows based application works on all Windows operating systems

Recover Media File of VHD from Corruption Efficiently

Performing the process to recover media file of VHD from all corruption scenarios is very much productively and accurately executable via Virtual HDD program served by our organization. The tool is designed with finest set of techniques that help in repairing data damaged with every possible cause of corruption. The success to recovery ration of this application is very high and ensures to perform HDD recovery of Virtual machine smoothly without compromising with the success. There are a range of issues discovered by VHD file users that end up corrupting their data hence, the tool is designed intelligently. No cause of corruption is left unrepaired by this tool when file revival is demanded by users.

What May Give Rise To The Need of This Tool?

From a variety of causes responsible for corrupting VHD file of your virtual environment; a few of the common culprits have been brought into the light. This will help you be aware of the actions that could lead to VHD corruption:

  • Crash of the hard drive may possibly lead to causing internal damage to the entire VHD files.
  • Physical failure of hard drive is also one of the possible reasons that cause damage to VHD.
  • Formatting the VMFS volume of the hard drive results in the loss of all your VHD format files.
  • One more cause is RAID failure or corruption which gives rise to corruption.
  • Failure of your Virtual Machine
  • Or even accidental deletion of files via virtual machine may also cause its unavailability.

Via this application, user can not even recover corrupt VHD archive but also get back deleted VHD file items from lost, formatted/re-formatted or deleted Virtual partition. It supports all Windows OS editions & extensively performs to recover VHD video file along with its properties.

Freeware Edition to Examine the Software

BY using the freeware edition, user get a brief summary about to repair audio file, video, documents etc corruption issues in a right way with the software before buy. Once you are aware of the functionalities owned by our tool, you can simply place an order for its purchase under the desired license to perform unrestricted data recovery from MS Hyper-V corruption situations.

Get Technical Information of the VHD Media File Recovery

Program Name:




Operating System:

Virtual Environment:

System Requirements:

Demo Limits:

Hyper-V Recovery Software


99 US Dollar


Windows 8.1, 7, XP and older editions are supported by the tool

Virtual environment is not required for the recovery process.

Software needs 512 MB Ram (Recommended 1 GB) & minimum 20 MB of free disk space

Tool generate preview of recovered data from the loaded VHD file

Steps to Know How to Recover Media File of VHD

Recover Media Files of VHD
Scan Media Files and recover
Option to save VHD Media Files
Scan and recovery Report

Watch Live Video of VHD Video File Recovery

Testimonials of the VHD Media File Recovery Tool

Never through recovering data from a VHD file would be so easy. The tool has made us carefree as we have a Disaster Recovery plan in our toolkit. A complete rescuer.

- Angelina, US

So easy to use and so perfect in its working! This solution is definitely a masterpiece that has saved our Hyper-V database from loss. We have successfully recovered our dynamic VHD file with this tool.

- Nicolas, Canada